From generation

to generation

“Moses received the Torah

at Sinai,

and transmitted it to Joshua;
Joshua to the Elders; 
And Elders to the Prophets; 
And the Prophets

transmitted it to the

Men of the Great Assembly.”

(Ethics of our Fathers 1:1)

The story of Professor Kalman Perks-  Watch a short video

The story of Eliezer Ayalon -  Watch a short video

Professor Kalman and Eliezer Ayalon received from their family a message that they carried with them all their lives and which helped them cope with the loss and extreme difficulties they experienced. 
They received a spiritual or artifact message from their family.

  • Which messages are you getting from your family?

  • Which messages would you like to convey to future generations? 

The current period we are experiencing requires thinking about messages that are important to us and which are important for us to pass on.

  • Write your family and personal messages.

  • If possible, attach a document/photo/video or family story accompanying your message.

This activity is adapted from the lesson plan "The memory suitcase"

SMORE -Online tool recommended for creation

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